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The G-Range is specifically for print experts, who want to maintain a consistent and exceptional print quality for small and large print volumes. Excellent print results, good runnability, a smooth matt finish and true stiffness are just a few advantages of the G-Range. Renowned reliability, trouble-free processing and a wide range of applications complete the picture.

G-Snow is an ultra-white, wood-free coated paper that will help you to deliver fresh and high-quality prints. The paper’s smooth surface gives it a distinct and premium feel. G-Snow paper also provides continuous excellent runnability and consistent image quality.

G-Print is a woodfree coated paper. Smooth yet bulky it is noted for its consistent technical quality. The smooth, low-reflecting surface provides both perfect readability and quality image reproduction, with high gloss contrast. G-Print is ideal for books, magazines, brochures, catalogues, covers, direct mail, folders, posters, inserts and maps.

G-Smooth is a paradox. It is a woodfree, coated matt paper for demanding image reproduction, yet with significant bulk and stiffness - and a low-reflecting surface which guarantees good readability. It also has a rich paper feel, outstanding runnability and post-treatment properties. G-Smooth is ideal for art books, covers, luxury magazines, Direct Mail, brochures, catalogues, folders, posters, inserts and cards.

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